Friday, December 13, 2013

Ways to say Thank You

Ways to say
The greatest way of saying "Thank You" may not be actually saying it, but by doing something to reciprocate the kindness that someone has given you. Show your thanks through your actions, whether it is a specific person or just a way of thanking the universe for something nice that has happened to you.

1. Leave a note somewhere, hidden for someone to find one day, that has done something for you that you are grateful for.

2. Send a "Thank you" card to someone, who did something for you a long time ago to let them know you still remember.

3. Get a gift card to somewhere and randomly hand it to someone you don't know. Just a way of thanking the universe for unexpected "gifts that you might have received."

4. Give someone you haven't talked to in a long time a phone call. Perhaps a grandmother, a long lost aunt, an old high school friends, have some fun reminiscing but the "good old days."

5. Stop by the local nursing home and volunteer to help with a meal or activity.

6. Help volunteer at the local homeless shelter.

7. Call a  local church and see if there if there is anyone who will be alone on the holiday or may need some help, with rides to a doctor appointment, small errands or just a short visit to cheer them up.

8. Use social media to give thanks. Go comment on a blog post one of your friends has done, let her know you actually read and care about her posts. Say something nice on someone's facebook wall or send them a nice  Tweet. 

9. Thank yourself. Let your self have some "you" time for all that you have done throughout the year. Remember you are just as important as everyone else. 

10. Acknowledge the little daily things that are mostly taken for granted. Thank your partner for "shoveling the driveway, or picking up the kids from football." 

11. Inspire others. Write what you are grateful for today on your Facebook status. Get a trend going among your friends that sends out positive energy. 

12. Plant a plant. Start a plant that you can move outside and give back to nature. Add some beauty and life to your outdoors setting and let nature know how appreciative you are of it.

13. Call your parents or a family member, and reminisce about a  good time you had together or a favor they once did you. 

14. Just take in a moment, and appreciate, meditate and pray to give thanks. Just for one moment stop doing what you are doing, and soak in the moment of life you were given. And say, "Thank you." 

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