Friday, November 22, 2013

Cape Cod

Come Kick your Shoes off in Cape Cod!

A dancer practices her stances on Rock Harbor on Cape Cod at low tide at sunset.

Low Tide at Rock Harbor Beach in Cape Cod

A little crab peeking out of the sand at low tide in Cape Cod.

People walking out on the sand at low tide. Usually this would be all ocean. 

The sand as the ocean retreats at low tide.

Sunset at Rock Harbor in Cape Cod, summer of 2013.

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A pigeon looking for food at low tide in Cape Cod.

Sunset in Cape Cod.

Everyone rushing back to shore after low tide.

The ocean coming back after low tide catches up with this person.

Funny stand in Cape Cod.

Gotta love the style of Cape Cod houses.

Street in Cape Cod.

Watching the seals at  Chatham Pier
If you are looking for a place to watch the seals in Cape Cod there are two places I recommend you check out. The first is Chatham Pier, a little fishing dock and restaurant. We stopped there hoping to see seals and we were not disappointed. There were dozens swimming and playing almost within reach.

They follow the fishing boats as they all come in. One kind of sad thing we saw was one with a metal tracking device on his head. (See picture below) I don't know why humans have to be so cruel to animals but he seemed friendly enough still swimming pretty close to us.

Group of seals swimming at Chatham Pier in Cape Cod

This little guy had a tracking device on his head. Poor seal, but he seemed happy, swimming around, following the fishing boats.

Seals swimming and playing around at Chatham Pier in Cape Cod, Ma.

A little nose peeking out at us at the fishing dock in  Cape Cod.

Seals patiently waiting for any scraps to fall out of the fishing boat.

Beautiful houses in Cape Cod overlooking the ocean and fishing docks.

Chatham Pier where the seals like to play in Cape Cod. 

Cape Cod Houses

Fishing boats pulling in at Chatham Pier.

Yak Arts

We found this little art store full of crafts and different random items. Very bright, colorful, artsy and original!

The Highland Light, 
also known as the Cape Cod Light

The Highland Light is an active lighthouse on the Cape Cod National Seashore in North Truro, Massachusetts. It is the oldest and tallest lighthouse on Cape Cod. The grounds are open year round, while the light is open to the public from May until late October, with guided tours available.  

The Highland Light, aka Cape Cod Light

The bulb that lights up the Light House

Marconi Beach

When you first get down to Marconi Beach you will see hundreds of people. They will be surfing, swimming, playing in the sand, flying kites and picnicking. But if you walk past them just a little further, you will have a good chance at seeing dozens of seals swimming in the waves. 

A seal at Marconi Beach at Cape Cod, peeking his head out of the water.

Look closely, dozens of seals are playing in the waves right off shore.

Sailboat in the distance of Marconi Beach in Cape Cod.

Seals playing off the shore of Marconi Beach.

Seals bobbing up and down off Marconi Beach.

Vegetation off of Marconi Beach in Cape Cod

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