Friday, November 29, 2013

Love Yourself

Buy yourself something fun at least once a month, splurge a little. 

Splurge on a guilty pleasure, turn on your favorite show, make some popcorn with lots of butter, grab some chocolate, put on jammies, and just relax. Turn off the computer, phones, just block out anything other then your fun stuff. 

Put some inspirational notes around your apartment reminding yourself why life is so good. It can be, "I love my cat" or "I recycle" or "I have pretty green eyes." It doesn't matter, whatever will make you feel good, post it somewhere. 

Be true to yourself. Always say what you think and do what you know is right. Never apologize for it or feel the need to explain yourself. 

Plan a "you" night. Make some popcorn with lots of butter, grab some hot chocolate or a glass of wine, turn on your favorite movie or tv show, and turn off the computer and phones. 

Take a Yoga class. Meditate. Read an inspirational book.

Go out for a long walk. Exercise always feels so good and it also feels good to get out in nature. Enjoy both, take the dog out or plan a picnic with friends and find a nature trail to walk.

Forgive yourself: whatever it is that you regret, whether it be snapping at your partner, forgetting to pick up the dry cleaning, or eating that chocolate sundae, just forget it and move on. It does no good to keep reliving the past, you can only start a new future. 

Start doing things on your bucket list. Pick one object, say for instance you want to go to Hawaii, well head to the bank and start a vacation account, get online and look at plane tickets, you have to start somewhere, pick one little goal and go for it . 

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