Saturday, December 21, 2013

Put Away Your Facebook Balls Please

Are you one of these people? I hope not. You know, the kind of people who are nice to everyone's faces but go onto Facebook and cut down every human being they can in the name of "freedom of speech, liberty or religion?"  If you are, take off your Facebook balls now and try doing something that will help people and not hurt them! Post something nice that has nothing to do with offending someone.

Religion: Using religion to harm, put down or judge something is against what most religions stand for. Jesus made it clear we are NOT to judge each other. Other religions make it clear we are to LOVE our fellow man. There is not a verse anywhere that says, sit back, have a beer and make posts that will be sure to offend someone on Facebook, and use the name of your favorite religious figure to prove, "you are right," in your ignorant beliefs.

Politics: OK post that you like someone or that you don't, fine. Yes, WE KNOW, you have the right to freedom of speech. Let it end there! Don't post that Obama is the anti-
Christ every single day. Don't post stuff that you want to be true just because you don't like a certain politician or because someone isn't the same party as you. Who cares, we are all different, we have our own reasons for being what party we are. I don't care what party you are, I don't feel the need to rip down your parties endlessly and then when someone posts one post who they like who happens to NOT be who YOU like,  on their OWN wall, you go over there and rip them a new one. They have the right to like who they do without the fear of being ripped down by YOU, the political bully.

Anti-Gay or Racists: This one pisses me off the most. Especially when religion is used to make it ok. It is never ok. Don't post gay or racist jokes, "in the  name of humor," and then act all passive aggressive when someone gets hurt by it. They are rude, insensitive and really really ignorant. Is that how you want people to perceive you. Trust me, the only people finding it funny are the bullies of internet land who just want to hurt people. Is that who you want to be? Whether you like it or not, gay people were born gay, black people were born black, white people born white, etc... There is no amount of Bible verses or "freedom of speech" pleas that will make it ok to post something that will hurt somebody. Stop using those as excuses for your need to bully people while sitting on your couch behind closed doors.

Freedom of Speech: I don't think when we were given freedom of speech it was meant that you could go attack people and hurt them without consequence. Stop using this as an excuse to just judge people and post it publicly to get yourself the attention you apparently need. It is one thing to have an opinion, as ignorant as it may be...but to post something you know will hurt someone is just being cruel. End of story. Stop it, go online and post something nice today.

Grow up.. Take in a deep breath and think about who you want to be. Think about people you admire in the world. Think about how you could make the world a better place. The only thing that matters in this world is LOVE. So do something today to add LOVE into the universe. Stop yourself from saying that hurtful thing you are about to say. Take off your Facebook balls and grow some real ones. Dont' follow bad examples, that is too easy. Don't be a weak bastard. Break old habits...start new ones..