Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lotto Ticket Dare

Do you notice there is an epidemic of selfishness in this world? I noticed this holiday season that stores were open at terrible hours. Great for customers and for the stores to make extra money, but horrible for the employees who now have to work on Christmas or Easter or whatever holiday it happens to be. All for the store to make that Almighty buck. Well it sucks. So let's bring some "Holiday Cheer" to these poor suckers that get stuck working on holidays.

I dare you to:

Walk into a gas station on "said holiday." Order $50 of lotto tickets. Ask the clerks to help you pick out the "best" ones. Pay for them. Then hand them to the clerks, tell them to split them up and have a good night. Walk out leaving the clerks with the lotto tickets. Merry freakin Christmas to you! You are not a selfish bastard! Thank you for making someone's night a better one. 

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