Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Edit your Photo

How to Edit your Photos

Are you looking for a program to help you change or edit your photograph? I do this a lot for all my websites and found BeFunky to be my favorite. I have a couple others I use too but this one is free and there is no downloading any programs involved. It's fast, simple and free. 

This program lets you edit your photos in these ways:
"black and white'
add text
color filter
add frams
change borders to matte or vignette
and so much more

Here is an example of different ways it lets you change your pictures. 

Here is the original

Add Scratches



Add texture


Black and White

HDR and texture added

Text added

Viewfinder has lots of color choices

Turn Your Photos into Art!

If you want to try to sell your photos online to make some extra money, try posting them on Click the banner below and it will take you to Zazzle to start changing your photos into products you can sell. You can make mugs, posters, canvas art and so much  more.

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