Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Seal Watching on Chatham Pier in Cape Cod

Every year I take a small vacation to Cape Cod. By far my favorite part of the trip is visiting Chatham Pier to watch the seals. Chatham Pier is a little fish market located at: 45 Barcliff Ave,
Chatham, MA 02633. You can stand up on a deck high above the pier to watch the seals or you can go down by where the fishing boats pull in and out, occasionally throwing a snack to the seals. The seals all swarm the boats when they come in and beg for fish. It's totally adorabe. When the fisherman throw a snack in for them, you can watch as the seagulls and seals all battle for the precious cargo!

Here are some pictures and videos of the seals at the Chatham Fishing Market Pier. Find more on their website. http://chathampierfishmarket.com/

Chatham Pier Fishing Market

Seals begging for fish from the fisherman.

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