Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Coolest Websites I "Stumbled" Upon

Are you addicted to Stumble Upon like me? If so, you might have already found these awesome website, but in case you didn't....check these out!

I'm not sure what the point is for all of them or how anyone would ever need to use them, but they are at least entertaining and will take up some time on a boring night at home in front of your computer.

1. Draw a Stickman
Description: You just draw a stick figure then follow prompts and a skit will unfold.

2. Jugidi Puzzle
This is fun if you like doing puzzles. Self explanatory, you just put together a puzzle online.

3. Silk Art
A fun art tool for creating ....art. Here's an example of what I've used it for.(Note the patterns behind the quote in the post.)

4. The Scribbler
Create fun patterns and art with this tool. Here's an example of how I've use this site. (Note the background of the blog.)

This site will help you relax. I use it when I'm feeling anxious or can't sleep.

6. Background Eraser Tool
This website is awesome. If you do lots of graphic work like me then this will help you a lot.

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